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About Us

What’s behind the taste?

Discover - Order - Enjoy.

Croatia Revealed was started by a young and enthusiastic crew in love with Croatian wines and original domestic products. In co-partnership with Istrian wine, beer, and olive oil supplier, we want to present the experience of Croatian domestic taste to the World scene.

We could talk for hours about our products, which are all tailored with passion, tradition, and experience. There is no greater pleasure than opening the perfect wine bottle, dipping freshly baked bread into beautiful olive oil, and then finishing your dinner with the sweet bitterness of the Pelin. We know all about it and we are excited to take you on a journey where you can – Discover – Order – Enjoy.

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Croatia Revealed, November 2020.

D i s c o v e r ~ O r d e r ~ E n j o y ~

Our Wine Selection

Fine Wine

Carefully chosen for your tasting experience

Domestic Goods

Finest selection of tradition and quality

Craft Beer

Presenting the best in arts & crafts of beer making

Olive Oil

Our ultimate collection of this liquid gold

Our Story

Discover - Order - Enjoy

Our mission is to give you a unique platform with carefully selected Croatian domestic products that are only one click away from your home, anywhere in the World.  

Croatia Revealed vision is to establish Croatian domestic product brands on the international scene and present the best of the best from our gastro & wine community. 

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