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Our story

Our mission is to give you a unique platform with carefully selected Croatian domestic products that are only one click away from your home, anywhere in the world.

Croatia Revealed vision is to establish Croatian domestic product brands on the international scene and present the best of the best from our gastro & wine community.

“We are super excited to present you with some of the best Croatia has to offer, so that you can DISCOVER unique and rich tastes of our domestic goods.”

Vineyard view

With beautiful cities full of tradition, crystal clear sea, magical beaches, luscious hills and valleys, thousand islands and pristine rivers, Croatia is a place where you keep coming back.

“With us, you can reveal and ORDER wonderful domestic goods that are characteristic for various Croatian regions.”

Picking grapes

Experiencing Croatia is not complete without experiencing its gastronomy and rich wine tradition. Because of the very same reason, we started the idea of Croatia Revealed so that we can offer everyone a unique online experience where you can enjoy our finest domestic goods and taste Croatia whenever and wherever you want.

Croatia has so much to offer, for any kind of taste. Being separated into four main regions, there is something to find and discover for everyone.

Ancient forests of Istria are famous for their aromatic truffles, while it’s valleys and red soil are fertile ground for many good wine sorts.

“Did you know that the world’s best virgin olive oil also comes from Istria?”

Sack of olives
Olive trees

Istria’s slightly cooler climate produces tastier olives rich in antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids. This also helps in the cultivation of several varieties of olives indigenous to Croatia. It is not uncommon to find olive trees that are around 1000 years old. And one particular on island Pag is said to be the oldest in the world, having around 1600 years.

We are so proud  that some of the best Croatian brands of truffles and olive oil will be a part of Croatia Revealed.

“We welcome you to ENJOY our products and share this journey together with us.”

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