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Active coal removes toxins from your body. Therefore, Gin Karbun passes active coal filtration during distillation offering it as a major component in consumption. It is inspired by the strength of the last karbunari from Ćićarija, an area where only natural ingredients crucial for Gin Karbun grow. Made of grain distillate, juniper berry, spices: corinader, garden thyme, anise, melissa, orange peel, yarrow, bitter fewnnel, lavander, basil plant, blueberry plant, camomile flower, lemon grass, thyme, bibiscus, elderberry flower, blueberry leaf, angleica root, liquorice, lemon peel, ginger.


It is adorned by an elegant, crystal-clear and transparent colour, the scent being fine, elegant and seductive. The scent is dominated by a note of juniper juice, orange zest candy and moss. The taste is dry and warm with an aftertaste of a spicy ginger note.


It is recommended to be served with a dry tonic with ice, a slice of orange, a piece of charcoal and spices to your liking.


The company “Aura proizvodi” produces exclusive traditional products such as brandies, liqueurs, gin, jams and other traditional products made of wild herbs and wild fruits picked in an ecologically clean environment on the slopes of the Ćićarija mountain far from roads and inhabited settlements.

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Weight4.8 kg
Dimensions34 × 13 × 13 cm
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