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The color of salmon meat makes it a decoration of every table. A gentle strawberry aroma evokes pleasure, permeated with the scent of bread crust. At the same time, refreshing and mature taste with numerous tiny, playful bubbles immediately forces lips to curve into a smile. Barun’s Le Rosé sparkling wine is made from Pinot Noir with the traditional method of second fermentation in a bottle. Barun sparkling wines age in bottles on yeasts for a minimum of two years. 


This fine aperitif pairs even better with not too spicy fish or white meat dishes and fruit desserts that are not additionally sweetened. It looks amazing in a high flute glass for sparkling wines, but to be able to enjoy its aroma and tastefully, it needs to be cooled to 6°C and served in a bit wider classic stem glass for white wines.


Barun is a family-type wine brand, created by Mara and Josip Barundić. Their love for wine started by growing up in France and then continued when they moved to Croatia. They renewed their old family vineyards in The Valley of Cardinals in Krašić and soon their dedication and passion led to opening their own winery. Barun wines are elegant and profound, characterized by a strong fruity aroma.


REGION  Croatian Uplands

POSITION  Plešivica

VARIETY  Pinot Noir



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Weight 1.31 kg
Dimensions 8.4 × 8.4 × 29.6 cm

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