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Elegant, smooth, swaying wine that offers a unique experience intertwined with a fragrant whirl of forest berries. A balanced ratio of acidity and sweetness, and a lower alcohol content are a winning combination for everyday enjoyment. The ideal ratio of merlot and cabernet sauvignon enables such perfect balance and a particularly blending note that made it the Ambassador of the Winery.


The pink color that wins over at first glance comes from a short maceration technique lasting only a few hours. This half dry wine goes perfectly with shrimps and soft-shell crabs in various sauces because of it’s certain sweetness, as well as with grilled meat of Caesar salad. Serve chilled at 8 to 10 °C.


The Kaptol Winery shares its name with an old medieval fort located in the heart of Slavonija. The region is known for its wine growing for centuries, so a team of young people decided to breathe new life into it and make use of traditional and unseen values of their surroundings to turn them into a new vision that will contain everything precious that the region offers.

Friendly environment is the foundation for creating this special story and these wines, and the place that will for certain be a prime stop for visitors of our wine roads. One thing that accentuates this winery from others is the fact that it’s run by women, who are using their knowledge and patience to create a new narrative in the Kutjevo wine region.


REGION  Slavonia & Danube

POSITION  Kutjevo 

VARIETY  Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon



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Weight 1.31 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 34 cm

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