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The color of this Malvazija is gentle golden. Gentle on the nose as well, not too dominant. There is plenty of ripe, juicy yellow fruits, ripe apricots, and hints of tropical fruits. Quite ripe. Dry on the palate, with moderate acidities and medium-bodied, even slightly salty. The palate’s fruit character seems to be significantly more diverse than on the nose, showing extra layers of dried Mediterranean herbs and spices. Not too different from 2019, which also excelled on the palate. Although this is our entry-level Malvazija Istriana, there is plenty of character, varietal typicity, and a nice range of scents. The finish very pleasant, diminishing slowly.


Generally speaking, this Malvazija is an amiable food wine where food matching is easy to find. It is a brainer with local, Istrian seafood, white fish, and risotto. It will also go nicely with poultry and lightly spiced Asian dishes or even Paella. Serving temperature 10 – 12 °C.

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Their story began in 1904, with ancestors who had barely a few acres of vineyards. Today, Kozlović winery is one of the best known and valued wineries, producing top quality and indigenous wines of Istria. 


REGION  Istria & Kvarner

POSITION  Vale, Santa Lucia, Contarini 

VARIETY  Istrian Malvazija



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