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Šoškić Viljamovka is obtained from pure Williams pear, which is supplied from Family farms from Slavonia.

About ten kilograms of pears are needed to produce one liter of William brandy.

It is obtained by distillation in a traditional copper boiler.

Concentrated, aromatic, balanced, soft.

Tastes harmonious, long aftertaste, without artificial aromas.

The suggested serving temperature is 8-11°C.

It is recommended to serve as a digestive, ice-free, chilled.


The uniqueness of the territory and climate in one of the most picturesque, picturesque wine-growing areas Croatia and the unique in the world famous amphitheaters Plešivica, the Šoškić family with a large dedication, experience and wine passion in collaboration with nature, traditional and contemporary methods creates unique, excellent and intoxicating wines that were once enjoyed by kings on yards. Therefore, enjoy the court wines and distillates of the Šoškić family.



NAME OF THE DISTILLERY: Šoškić Winery & amp; Distillery

CATEGORY: Distillates

REGION: Continental Croatia

TYPE OF DISTILLATE: Traditional brandies

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 20 cm
Bottle size



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